Covid 19 Best Practice Procedures

Here are some points to Adhere To Before Booking and On the Day Of Your Appointment


I am so happy to be welcoming you back for treatments and as part of my return I have had to thoroughly revise the best way forward to protect us all and keep hygiene standards at the highest levels possible.


Please read on to understand how the clinic will run for the foreseeable future, I will be constantly reviewing the latest Government Guidelines and that of my insurer to make sure I am keeping abreast of any insights or changes needed, rest assured.

Before the Appointment


  • When booking an appointment, (look out for the screening and consent form which is available to download and print off, this is very prominent at the top of the Booking Page) you should always review your health status before arriving. Please print off the form, fill it in to bring with you if possible or scan and send it to me by email. I will keep copies in case you forget or can’t print it off.

  • Pre Appointment Consultation  - I am required to do your consultation over the phone and so please be advised I will contact you prior to your appointment so please do not try to book appointments on the same day.

  • When booking online please be aware I need 30 minutes between clients for thorough cleaning/sterilising of every surface, including bottles of product, hand rails, chairs, couch etc. Couch linens are changed for each client and washed at a high temperature. Each facial client gets new facial sponges they can keep for home use.


Things to bear in mind on the day of your treatment

  • PPE for me - I will be wearing a visor and apron too. If I am treating a client in the vulnerable group, I will wear a mask in addition to the visor.

  • PPE for you - You may wear a mask if you wish too, but I am not going to insist on it. If you’re having a facial a mask isn’t necessary anyway, and you can lift the mask when lying face down for massage.

  • Your Belongings - Please try to bring as few belongings as possible, I will supply a box for you to place these in. Small handbags are best.

  • When you arrive - Do ring the doorbell and I will let you in, there will be no client overlap so please try to arrive on time.

  • Hand Sanitiser - Upon arrival, please use the hand sanitiser provided for you.

  • Chatting - We have to try to keep talking to a minimum once in the treatment room but hopefully this will allow you to really unwind and enjoy your treatment.

  • Consultations - As consultations will be completed over the phone please bear in mind this will reduce your treatment time by 10 minutes and possibly 15 mins if you’re coming for more involved soft tissue issues.

  • If you are pregnant -  Unfortunately I cannot currently treat Pregnant Women for now, as the science is unclear about whether this is an issue. 

  • Number of Treatments in one session - For now, I unfortunately also have to limit treatment time to 1 treatment per visit.


After the Appointment


  • Aftercare advice will be given by a follow up text or call a day or so after your visit, this can be so helpful to your treatment outcomes when your new to treatments and do get in touch if you need advice before that time. Very often it is just as much about what you do after your treatment as what happens during it, to speed up your results.

  • Cancellation Policy I have currently suspended the Cancellation Policy as of course, if you or I suspect we are unwell or been in contact with anyone testing positive for Covid-19 we need to postpone and isolate.

    To that end I will take my temperature daily to be vigilante. Please bear in mind however that I am a small business and the last few months have been very tough.

Many thanks for your time, I really look forward to seeing you soon and do get in touch if you have any other concerns by email or text 07711 483 038

Lisa Dawson

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