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Holistic Skin Therapy

I believe we all deserve health and vitality and this should reflect through our skin and hair. 

Tropic Natural Beauty Products

I am truly excited to be working with Tropic 100% natural, fresh plant based vegan skincare. Not only is it  freshly made in the UK by Susie Ma and her team of Beauty Chefs in their Tropic kitchen daily. Susie brings her families medicinal plant knowledge from her roots growing up in the Tropics, crafting products that have won 50 industry and consumer awards to date. The brand loyalty has come from the many personal testimonials of the products helping Eczema, Psoriasis and Hormonal Breakouts and much more on social media. 

I have created a range of Facials, that not only appeal as a luxurious tropical sensory treat but aim to restore equilibrium for all skins. Ask about Tropic unscented essential oil free products if you have an easily re-active response to many products or have ongoing health issues which effect your skins tolerance. My hope is everyone can hopefully benefit from the deep relaxation promoted in these treatments.

Tropic ABC collection used on my

Tropic Fusion Facial

Fabulous for all skins and those wanting to explore Green sustainable and ethically sourced beauty. This holistic facial invites you to escape to an exotic sensory haven, your skin will be immersed in powerful healing botanicals, sustainably sourced from the far flung shores of Polynesia, the Amazon and Australasia. I will carefully customise your treatment combining a selection of the many world massage rituals I have studied, from Chinese Gua Sha to Austrian MLD and beyond.  Expect to drift home from your treatment with radiant skin and a deep sense of calm and samples to re create that healthy glow. 

This treatment makes a wonderful gift and is a great introduction to the world of facials for an hour.

Tropic Teenage Facial

Help the teen in your life get off to a great start with their skin health. Having had much personal and family experience in this area, I have seen how desperate teens, left to their own exploration can unwittingly happen across the myriad of harsh and oil stripping products, resulting in much deep felt misery topically and emotionally. My aim is to make this a tranquil but fun exploration, into the best ways to balance hormonal congestion and restore hydration. We will discuss the best make-up formulas as this is a major issue in black head formation too and try to reduce the number of products being used. I will combine all the usual elements of a great facial and  I will discuss the many brands available with pros and cons in this 60 minute treat. Making it an investment for future skin well-being. 

These treatments are an ideal place to start if you have not tried my treatments before and are also a nurturing antidote to escape for an hour or more to soak up some divine massage  and leave feeling refreshed radiant. Don't forget you can easily add to the sensory experience by booking an additional back massage or full body to truly have that 'get away' feeling!

These facials make excellent gifts for someone who needs a pampering. Buy a Gift Card.

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