Azara Therapies Dermapen Treatments - East Sussex and Kent

What is Dermapen?

Azara Therapies in Crowborough, East Sussex is now offering Dermapen - which will rejuvenate and clear your skin!

Dermapen is a technique of micro-needling, developed by doctors as a non-surgical procedure to stimulate our natural healing response, producing fresh collagen and elastin fibres for fresh, new, smooth and clear skin.

Dermapen is used worldwide by doctors and trained aesthetic skin professionals like myself and my colleagues. Choosing a Dermapen trained professional means the therapist is committed to ongoing professional development and a proven award wining trusted treatment protocol with time and the utmost care given to skin preparation prior, during and after your treatment.

Who benefits from Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen is one of the most impressive advancements in medical grade skin needling, sometimes referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) it produces results similar to laser/IPL and Deep Peels, but has much less down time and is far more affordable. This treatment achieves lasting results for:

  • Acne grade 1-3 scarring

  • Diminish enlarged pores/refining texture

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles, erasing finer ones

  • Pigmentation from sun damage and post acne

  • Stretch marks

  • Scarring from wounds

Dermapen History and Evolution

Micro-needling was first evolved in 1996 by Dr Des Fernandes using a "Derma-Roller" and this was a significant discovery. This concept has since been vastly improved upon, in 2010 with the introduction of a "Dermapen". The original Dermarollers were effective but needed application of an anaesthetic cream and more down time for skin repair. Dermapen, however is an impressive advancement as a cartridge pen utilising single use disposable sterile heads to create temporary channels for vitamins, minerals and botanicals enriched serums to permeate and treat skin concerns below the surface. Our body has amazing powers to regenerate new skin, Dermapen triggers a message to the brain to send repair cells to heal and rebalance your skin permanently.

Does Dermapen hurt?

There is mainly very little discomfort, you will feel a light abrasive sensation in the main.  The fleshy areas feel like an exfoliation is being given and really only the forehead feels a little scratchy. The process is very quick and incomparable to a roller as the pen glides effortlessly, at a 90 degree angle to the face, leaving a glowing complexion ready for a super hydrating and soothing sheet mask.

What to expect after a Dermapen Treatment

Your skin will feel a slight tightening as if you had stayed a little too long in the sun. After the mask is applied, this feeling diminishes and there is no visible sign of the treatment, just a fresh warm glow, like after exercise.

Can I wear make-up & go out later that evening?

Unlike Derma-roller, there is very little or no redness or swelling. Your skin needs time to absorb and repair so please no regular foundation or concealers. We apply a tinted SPF30 which has a medium coverage.


You will be given written aftercare instructions to also avoid heavy creams, swimming, heat, cardio type exercise or sun exposure for at least 24 hours. You can purchase a tinted physical grade SPF from us if preferred, your skin will settle down after a few hours and you can go out with mascara, eye liner and lip gloss - no problem.

How often can I have Dermapen?

As Dermapen is triggering your own bodies healing and repair mechanism. it will take weeks in between sessions to enable sufficient time for results to appear.

Each skin concern has a different protocol, if we are treating pigmentation, then that would be treated fortnightly. For wrinkles it would be once a month. You may also need a course of 1-3 and more for possibly for deeper lines, scarring and stretch marks.

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