Azara Therapies based in Fairwarp, East Sussex offer a range of facials for every skin type and skin condition.

If you're interested in facials and you're based in Crowborough, Groombridge, Rotherfield, Buxted, Mayfield, Uckfield, Maresfield, Hartfield and Royal Tunbridge Wells, you will find Fairwarp is only a short driving distance.

Lisa's Facial Philosophy

Hydrated, healthy skin appears as if it is genetically gifted to some lucky individuals or maybe that it comes and goes depending on our stress levels or lifestyle demands. In truth, the skin is our largest organ of detoxification or elimination and our hormonal profile plays an important part, as does our gut and liver function.

Bespoke Skin Appraisals

By appraising your skin and discussing any concern you may have, we can devise a personal, holistic approach with a combination of nature's finest "superfood-like" cocktails applied with the latest, non-invasive and transformative technologies. Taking time to discuss possible triggers for imbalances and working out strategies to maintain an inner and outer glow, which goes beyond the treatment room. 

The choice of products and treatments can seem overwhelming and complicated, resulting in out getting stuck in a rut with our old faithful regimes or wasting money on ineffective, surface hydrators that do little to repair or balance our complexions. Our skin, like our health and energy levels really responds to a varied plant rich, rainbow diet, both externally and internally, with a balance of rest, exercise and massage.

Proven, Restorative Naturally Derived Products

Science has recently proven what holistic practitioners have known for years, A healthy gut or micro biome means a healthy and not over responsive immune system, which reduces the inflammatory response in the skin and whole body. Our skin is exposed, not only to the elements, blue light technology and pollution, but also to a large percentage of absorption to what we apply on it. So, best we aim for proven, restorative, rejuvenating, refining and naturally derived products, with the specific science delivery systems to take the goodness deep into the dermis, thereby nurturing our skin and repairing the layer where the majority of the ageing and skin conditions occur.

New Gentle Resurfacers 

To this aim, I combine holistic and science backed formulations by Dermaquest. You may be surprised to see "Resurfacers", or in old money "Peels" on my treatment plans as back in the 90's they were at the extreme end of treatments on cult programmes like "10 years younger"! Rest assured, Resurfacers and peels are a new generation, which are gentler, slower acting over months and are combined with repairing and balancing botanicals. Not only do they improve texture and tone, pigmentation, acne and congestion, they also have the power to transform skin health to new, hydrated, plump vibrancy.

Your skin journey will be unique to you

In making this journey to achieve your skin goals, I have devised a few examples of treatment programmes, However, these are just guidelines to address your needs and will be unique to you. I don't pretend to have all the solutions but will always endeavour to signpost you to other health professionals where needed.

So, do contact me to get guidance and take the first step.

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Holistic Skin Therapy

Azara Therapies in Fairwarp,
East Sussex offers a range of Tropic Facials for those who want a more organic experience. Tropic is 100% natural, fresh plant based vegan skincare. It is freshly made in the UK by Susie Ma and her team of Beauty Chefs in their Tropic
itchen daily.

You can expect your skin to have a smoother texture, be rejuvenated and hydrated and overall you will notice an improvement of skin strength and general condition.

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Dermaquest Cosmeceuticals

By travelling deep into the skin cosmeceuticals work by delivering their ingredients where your skin needs them most. Active ingredients vary from product to product depending on individual concerns, some of the most popular ingredients include AHA's/BHA's, vitamins C and E/ Antioxidants/Hyaluronic Acid, Retinols and Peptides.

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Skin Peels

Skin Peels help to treat the following concerns: ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots/

pigmentation, skin imperfections, open pores, congested skin, skin resurfacing, acne scarring, mild rosacea and redness.

Skin Peels resurface the skin improving texture and smoothness using highly effective ingredients. 

The effects of skin peels are superior to facials - you'll see an instant improvement and long lasting benefit from the skin peel. We have a range of skin peels from the entry level Resurfacers to the more skin transformative Peels.

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What People Say - Testimonials for Azara Therapies Facials

Carolyn H

"Lisa has a wealth of knowledge about skin treatments and products.  She is a very experienced therapist who has a very calm and relaxed manner and her treatment room reflects this. I had an anti-aging facial which left my skin feeling hydrated, nourished and radiant.  I certainly would recommend Lisa."

Sue W

Lisa's facials have reached new heights!  After enjoying a monthly Caci, I treated myself to a course of Venus Freeze.  The results are wonderful.  My skin is visibly brighter and fuller and feels silky soft to touch.  I will definately continue to enjoy Lisa's skills, knowledge and talent for facial treatments.