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What are Radio Frequency Facials and Body Contouring?

I have always been a fan of bespoke facials offering a combination of advanced massage techniques with proven technology that enhances natural processes within the skin. The treatments I work with follow my ethos of being supportive and kind to the body.

Venus Freeze Radio Frequency delivers uniform heat under the skins surface, combined with with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Technology to stimulate your own collagen production. This heating technology has been used in medicine for many years and is proven safe and FDA approved. Venus Freeze treatments are for tightening the skin and body contours smoothing out lines and lifting sagging and uneven skin texture.

How does a Radio Frequency treatment feel?

A hydrating gel is applied and the applicator is glided back and forth over your skin, creating a deep warmth between 39 and 40 degrees on the face and up to 43 degrees on the body. Clients report that​ this feels like a hot stone face/body massage.

Is there any downtime after Radio Frequency treatments?

It takes roughly 30 minutes to treat the whole face and the only discomfort is some heating in the skin, which not everyone gets.

So no downtime, you can easily have a lunchtime treatment and go out that evening looking fabulous!

What are the benefits of Radio Frequency treatments and how long does it last?

There is an immediate tightening of the existing collagen fibres, so great pre an event, but also gives a long lasting lift and increased volume after a course of treatments. As Venus Freeze stimulates the manufacture and production of new collagen and elastin fibres, you will see your skin plump and firm up over a course and for 3 months afterwards.

A course of 7-10 x 40 minute treatments gives wonderful results, softening the lines as well as lifting cheeks and tightening the jaw line. Age prevention at its best!

To Whom is Radio Frequency Treatment

best suited?


Venus Freeze is suitable for anyone experiencing loss of firmness and lack lustre, dull complexion. Not many of us realise that by the time we are 50, our circulation has slowed by 25% and Venus freeze boosts oxygen levels dramatically, resulting in general radiance, we start to notice subtle changes in collagen production from 35-40, but clients in their 60s and 70s have enjoyed the results from Venus Freeze.

Venus Freeze has been reviewed and rated by Harpers Bazaar/Marie Claire, Women's Health/Vogue/Cosmo/and see The Doctors and Good Morning America TV coverage on YouTube.

Some skin concerns visibly improved by radio Frequency include:

  • Tighten the skin and give a lifting effect

  • Redefine the jawline and reduce double chin

  • Elevate the brows

  • "Barcode" wrinkles around the mouth

  • Lines and wrinkles in the eye area

Body Contouring

Venus Freeze body treatments use the same technology but with a larger applicator and slightly warmer skin temperature. Still a comfortable, hot stone massage-like-feel but with the benefits of treating Cellulite Reduction.


Venus Freeze has also been designed to deliver effective results for body contouring. You can expect an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and overall skin tightening and spot reduction of stubborn fatty deposits, inch loss for thighs, stomach and waist as well as toning for upper arms and bra strap deposits.


Venus Freeze body treatments reduce localised fat and firm skin in these areas:

  • Arm area - reducing bingo wings

  • Upper and lower abdomen

  • Hip area and "love handles"

  • Knee

  • Buttocks and "saddle bags"

  • Stretch marks, scars

  • Cellulite

How does Venus Technology work?

Stimulating the body's natural healing process


Venus (MP) works by incorporating Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulsed fields into one device and delivering it safely and effectively to the client. Skin tightening wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction occur because the Multi-Polar Radio Frequency causes thermal response in the tissue which activates the body's natural healing response. That healing response causes new collagen factories (Fibroblast Cells) to form along with new Elastin fibres and cells known to produce Hylaronic Acid, your skins natural hydrator. The existing collagen in the skin contracts, causing the skin to look and feel firmer and the elastin to be more springy and youthful in nature.

How is Body Contouring Achieved?

Body contouring is achieved when the temperature of the skin is elevated within therapeutic terms from 37 degrees to 43 degrees. This causes enzyme release within the skin and this then communicates to receptors on the fat cells in the hypodermis (instigating "Lipase" the hormone that is in charge of breaking down fat into liquid fatty acids). The free fatty acids exit the fat cell through the blood stream and the volume of the fat cell is reduced, giving smoother contours.

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