Azara Therapies - Routes to Great Skin

At Azara Therapies we view your journey with your skin on many levels. So many factors influence how our skin is on any given day but the following 4 step programme are a starting point to address some common issues.

We use many modalities and may on occasion recommend a combined approach for more long standing conditions. No stand alone treatment can tackle stubborn issues so it is often necessary to consider a monthly treatment or course of treatments to get the results you are are looking for.


We offer 10% discount on all courses of treatments and can offer flexible payment plans. 


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Azara Therapies Skin Types  - Resolution Plan


Dull Dry & Devitalised Skin

This range of treatments is really the foundation for anyone experiencing lack lustre and tired skin. Often dry skin can appear slightly sensitive but once hydration and improved function are restored, velvety luminous skin can be yours.

Month 1

Essential Balance Facial


Month 2

Retinol Infusion Facial

Month 3

Power Peptide Resurfacer

Month 4

Sweet Chill Resurfacer


Ageing Concerns

The hands of time are inevitable of course but we can look our best. Embrace and slow the process and even repair sun damage, restoring a glow.

Month 1

Peptide Vitality Facial

Month 2

Retinol Infusion Facial

Month 3

Sweet Chill Advanced Facial

Month 4

Power Peptide Resurfacer

Month 5

Skin Bright Peel




Pigmentation & Dark Blotches

These areas of darkened pigment ideally need to be treated sooner rather than later. As with each summer season they spread and deepen. By embracing a course of treatment, homecare and always wearing SPF, great results can be possible.

Step 1

Skin Brite Facial

Step 2

Mango Brite Resurfacer

Step 3

Skin Brite Peels




Congestion, Spots & Acne

As we know many factors like genetics and hormones can be at the source of acne and congestion, but professional treatments can really help control and relieve inflammation, break-outs ad clearing blocked pores prevents spots! We recommend a combined approach and use resurfacers, peels and Dermapen to noticeable effect.

Step 1

Dermaclear Extraction Facial

Step 2

Primary Pumpkin Resurfacer

Step 3

Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

Step 4

Sacicylic Resurfacer Peel

Step 1 - Introductory Skin Balancing Treatments 

This is where your skin journey needs to start, as often your skin presents as devitalised, maybe a little red, dry, oily and a combination of symptoms exist. Before we can address underlying issues, your therapist needs to see how your skin performs with touch, exfoliation, heat and ultimately super hydration. Even oily skin is often deprived of essential hydration.


To be able to move toward equilibrium and balance - look at at these facials as a re-balancer to be able to move onto the tranformative powers of Resurfacers and peel. All these facials include cleanse analysis, exfoliation, massage, masks etc

  • Essential Balance Facial (all skin types)

  • Peptide Vitality (Pro ageing 40+)

  • Dermaclear Extraction facial (oily, blocked pores)

Step 2 - Dermaquest Re-surfacers and Peels

Only once your therapist is confident your skin has been balanced by treatments and home care with guidance on what to use and NOT to use, will your skin be prepared for the transformative results of Resurfacers and peels. Your therapist will have thoroughly explained to you why these treatments are some of the most effective and often misunderstood in the case of peels. All of this preparation means you can be assured of wonderful results that last beyond the treatment room couch!


  • Power Peptide Re-surfacer
    Formulated with skin revitalising pro-ageing peptides, glycolic and lactic acid to improve a kick start cell regeneration, boosting skin firmness and signs of photo-ageing
    (35 minutes £50)

  • Mangobright Re-surfacer
    Formulated to treat newly acquired pigmentation (within the last 4 years), the sooner you deal with sun damage the better! It becomes more difficult to remove beyond 5 years but can be majorly brightened and knocked back with the right products and treatment. Act now!
    (35 minutes £50)

  • Vitamin Infusion Pumpkin Re-surfacer
    The all round benefits of pumpkin pulp manage signs of ageing, acne, hormonal breakouts, enlarged pores, sun spots and sun damage.
    (35 minutes £50)

  • Dermaclear Salicylic Re-surfacer
    This ingredient is derived from Willow Bark and can truly alleviate inflamed, congested, sensitive skin with over production of oily patches and acne/breakouts. Combined with the right home care it works as part of a combination of lifestyle and stress reduction.
    (35 minutes £50)

Pre-Party Complexion Plumping Treats 

Most of us burn the candle at both ends and don't get enough rest. If you have an important event and want to look your best invest in one of a combination of the following:

  • Retinol Infusion Re-surfacer
    A wonderful boost to party preparation. Rejuvenates repairs and brightens your skin.
    (35 minutes £50)

  • Retinol Infusion Re-surfacer + Caci Non Surgical Lift Treatment Package
    Or add this to a Caci treatment for a Red Carpet Pre Party treat
    (90 minutes £89)

  • Sweet Chill Advanced Re-surfacer
    A wonderful invigorating mixture to prepare you for party preparation
    (35 minutes £50)

  • Sweet Chill Advanced Re-surfacer + Caci Non Surgical Lift Treatment Package
    A wonderful cocktail of rejuvenating vitamins, minerals and plant stem cells to give a wonderful pre-event glow! Add in a Caci Treatment for the perfect pre-party treat!
    (95 minutes £94)

Please note - these treatments are standalone treatments, please contact me  so I can check your skin is suitable for your chosen treatment.