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The Tools You Need To Transform Your Home Skin Care Regime   Now is the perfect time to tackle those niggling issues we all suffer with and indeed the ones many of you ask me about on the treatment couch!

  • Sun damage and premature ageing

  • Uneven skin tones and pigment blotches

  • Mild to moderate acne with lumpy bumpy blocked pores

  • Post acne scarring as a starting point

After many client requests I now stock Dermaquest Derma Rollers. These are made from medical grade Titannium, which guarentees not only quality but durability.The rollers are the same as the ones used in salons and clinics in the UK and States. Having studied Amazons offerings, I knew you cannot rely on their reviews or source.

Do you need to combine specific products with your weekly DermaRoller routine?

Yes you do, to enhance and support the actions of rollering I recommend 3 key products:

  • A mild exfoliating cleanser to use 1 day before you roller

  • Hylaronic and B5 Serum to use 2 minutes after you finnish rollering and really every day AM/PM otherwise. This superhydrates your Epidermis and gives that dewy look back to your skin over time.

  • Anti-oxidant rich moisturiser either combining a low % of Retinaldehyde NOT Retinal as that is way too strong for most skins.

  • Or you can use your own moisturiser of choice but add a Retinaldehyde serum with Vitamin C for the evening.Ask me for details as I have a new range of serums and skincare to add to your options and please your pocket.

  • SPF 30 minimum, designed for the face, hopefully light and oil free in formula with a micronised zinc base.

All of these key products are in the following convenient 3 month trial size Dermaquest Skin Kits, a wonderful opportunity to re boot your regime at an incredible saving!

As a thank you for being a loyal customer of Azara Therapies I have a Special Offer Saving 25% off the RRP of DermaRollers and Dermaquest Skin Kits like the one pictured.This offer lasts until my stock runs out so don't delay to order yours.

Derma Roller in its hygienic sealed wrapper and box to store it in

Now £34.50 saving £11.50 (rrp £46.00)

Dermaquest Age Defence Kit the perfect partner in your new routine, for anyone 35+

Now £60.00 saving £21.00 (rrp £81.00)

Dermaquest Pigment Control Kit

with a myriad of botanicals to block further pigment being produced this Summer and an ideal preparation in case you need professional treatments to get a real handle on any stubborn hormonal pigment you may have.Also ideal for post acne scarring to supporting the skins equilibrium before starting salon treatments if needed in time. 

Now £60.00 saving £21.00 (rrp £81.00)

Dermaquest Acne Control

Combats inflammation from hormonal throbbing spots and below the surface pore blockages with a combination of soothing Lactic Acid and Salicylic buffered with plenty of healing botanicals and Vitamin B complex.

Now £53.50 saving £17.50 (rrp £71.00)

Please feel free to get in touch, you know I love to chat skin issues and it would be lovely to catch up too! It's so strange not being busy doing treatments and I am more than happy to do Consultations which are always FREE over the phone or FaceTime etc

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