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I am certainly done with the couch, snacking and boxsets! I thought it was a good time to get in touch and share some of the things that have helped keep me sane and create a space to nourish myself, in between looking after my family and all their requests!

Read on for my lockdown survival kit! 

A Spring Clean for the skin with ideas for mini facials with maximum results at home.

  • A plethora of free online short courses from Mindfullness, Yoga, Pilates and more.

  • Competition time. Win a post isolation 'Feel Good Facial or a sublime Hot Stone Massage for you and a friend worth £50 each. Read on to find out how to enter!

  • Help me thank our local NHS and Care workers by nominating a friend who works as an NHS nurse or Carer, for them to win 1 of 4 randomly drawn £40 gift vouchers for a treatment. 

If I haven't seen you for a while do check out the New Website which went live back in October 2019. With so many exciting new High Tech Skin Treatments from Radiofrequency skin Tightening to Micro-Needling market leader Dermapen and too many more to tell you about here, so do take a look! To make life easier you can use the online booking system and I have added some evening appointment's for myself and new colleague Janet Brummer. Read all about Janet's interests and background on the site. As you can see so much has happened and I can't wait to fill you in with this monthly round up from now on.

Spring Clean Home Facial Ideas  It has been really great to hear from my lovely clients asking me, 'what can I do to nourish and boost my skin, with this extra time at home? Something for natural beauty lovers or high tech queens. Natural Beauties Create your own simple face masks combining avocado, honey and olive oil for a super charged nourishing treat for dry skin. If you have muslin or gauze, pop that on your face damp and add the mask over it to keep in place...but just go for it if you don't! Chill for 20 minutes, I love to listen to a meditation from the Calm App. If you have a few more minutes to spare on another evening ,start a self facial massage ritual involving massage and stretches to activate your muscle strength and release excess puffy lymph build up around the eyes or jaw line. Use base oils like rose hip, almond oil or jojoba for oilier skins and a few drops neroli or lavender. Alternatively, try buying pre-blended oils, such as womans balance from Neals Yard and add it to a carrier oil. Look out for a short video to teach techniques to sculpt and streamline your face using amongst others, a jade stone called Gua Sha massage. See our Facebook Page for a few home made videos from Janet and I showing how we do our own regimes, these will be uploaded by mid May Home Beauty For Insanely Good Skin If your finding you have reached a limit to the results you desire now salon treatments are off your schedule, why not get inspired with learning the benefits of Derma Rollering. A simple tool to do a gentle micro needling home treatment. It might look bizarre and a little scary – it certainly did to me – but once I had had my first Derma Pen in salon treatment I was so impressed by the invigorated, re- freshed and refined look of my complexion, with relatively little downtime.

My fine lines disappeared and my pore size diminished and after a course of treatment my skin tone really lifted and took years off my jowels and crows feet. The results are equally good for mild to moderate acne and you can see all that uneven, lumpy, bumpy skin and scarring diminish, to leave clearer better functioning balanced skin. It's now part of my regular skin care home routine to Dermaroller on a Sunday night, between treatment courses to maintain the results or as an introduction to what you can achieve without salon treatments.I do it either late afternoon or evening after cleansing thoroughly and usually spend no more than 15 minutes to treat my whole face/neck and not forgetting my decollatage. You can use the roller 2x a week for the best results.

The next step is vital after rollering, always apply a Hylaronic or vitamin C serum and vitamin rich moisturiser. Your skin will be a little pink that night as you have created enough controlled irritation to kick-start all the healing mechanisms, giving the long term results every beauty blogger raves about. It is extremely rare for any pinkness to remain over night as your starting with a low needle depth of just 0.25mm.  Now is a great time to try a Derma Roller, designed for home use between salon treatments. It feels no more abrasive than a facial scrub on your face, as the depth is just 0.25mm but the effects are trans-formative and highly addictive!  If you want to join the skin revolution and see this technique for yourself tune into my video on our FB Page and soon Instagram to find out how Derma Roller can transform your skin too. Look out for a bespoke special offer homecare package on Derma Roller coming to your inbox soon Fantastically FREE Online Classes-escape for the mind  I love 'Yoga with Adrianne' on YouTube, here you will find gentle restorative yoga for back pain, tech-neck and more upbeat flow styles for regular yoga bunnies. Even chair yoga for elderly parents. Davina McCall has a Free 14 day trial of her new online website  I have been trying this and love the diversity of classes taught by top class instructors covering Pilates/HIT/Boxercise/Zumbaesque/Circuits and Yoga Flow for advanced and chill out techniques too! Something for everyone and she helps you design a plan when you enter your goals. Go to Mindfullness in 4 weeks- create head space I know it is a seriously over used word but this technique can work miracles for your equilibrum and sanity. But then so can exercise and chocolate no, no, I mean green smoothies;)). Give-Aways and Competition Help me thank our NHS and Carers by nominating a friend or family member who desreves a treat. I will randomly select 4 people to receive  £40 gift vouchers for a treatment with us after the restrictions are lifted. You need to go to Azaras Facebook page and either tag the friend on FB or let me have their details by text. The winners will be announced on FB on May 8th. Facebook Competition To win a post isolation 'Feel Good Facial' or Hot Stone massage, worth £50 each, for you and a friend look at FB to get details on entering. Randomly drawn after restrictions lift ...Yippee! You deserve a treat for getting lockdown.

Until next time be kind to yourself, go with the flow and go well. 

You know where I am if you have any questions or ideas for future topics for skin deep conversations. I would love to hear from you

Lisa XX

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